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Imagemaps brings together a suite of complementary products to offer either point solutions for experienced systems integrators, or complete survey / mapping / monitoring / surveillance solutions for service providers.  This offering is growing over time as we form new relationships with leading technology providers and with our extensive experience, provide a bridge between customers, designer and manufacturers to configure unique best of class solutions.


Velodyne offers rugged, outdoor lidar sensors for 3D data collection, autonomous vehicle navigation and a range of other mapping and real-time surveillance applications.

Three sensors are available to cover extremely capable, lightweight UAV mounted aerial applications as well as land and marine vehicles.  The sensors use fixed array lasers in a rotating head, eliminating oscillating mirrors or rotating prisms which enhances accuracy and reliability.  Both units are capable of incredible data collection rates between 300,000 - 1,300,000 points per second at better than +-3cm accuracy.  Furthermore the fixed array arrangement in an aerial configuration provides 100% overlap along the flight line and look angles from 10 degrees forward to 20 degrees aft which provides data redundancy (lacking in most lidar applications).  This arrangement permits an oblique view fore and aft (for texturing building facades) and virtually eliminates occlusions.




Download the Velodyne lidar specifications here.

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GreenValley International is a turnkey provider in 3D mapping systems, post-processing software and GIS consultation. A one-stop geospatial solution for clients from forestry, ecology, energy infrastructure, BIM and more..

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The Applanix POS AV (Position and Orientation) System integrates precision GPS (Global Positioning System) with inertial technology to enable geospatial data collection projects as well as sensory data surveys to be achieved with high accuracy, effectiveness, and efficiency.

The POS AV is ideally suited and engineered for aerial cameras, scanning lasers and lidar technology, imaging sensors, synthetic aperture radars and other remote sensors that need navigational and orientation to be processed with the data collected.

The POS AV Allows for :

  • Increased savings in operational costs
    Limited ground control may be required only for quality control check point purposes, eliminating the need for a full ground survey

  • Increased savings in time
    The requirement for project wide tie-point matching and aerotriangulation (AT) can be drastically reduced or liminated completely, resulting in enormous savings in data acquisition and processing time

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