Imagemaps brings you the latest technologies for high productivity and quality results in aerial imaging. Our total solutions includes  hardware , software for office processing and a service programme to meet your maintenance needs.

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Designed by Vexcel Imaging, every component built by an industry leading precision manufacturer, integrated by one of the oldest names in photogrammetry; UltraCam delivers the highest productivity and radiometric quality in aerial imaging. Ultracam Xp offers 17320 pixels across the flight strip, with 70mm wide angle lens, translates to photo width of 742m at 500m AGL and image resolution of 4.3cm. The amazing image quality and contrast is a result of using the highest quality, latest 6um sensor technology which, in the UltraCam, produce the best grey scale values of any large format camera in the industry. Naturally, UltraCam offers simultaneous high-res panchromatic, individual colour channels (R,G,B) and near infrared (NIR).

UltraCam technology is offered in three solutions tailored for the matching business requirements:


  •    New!
    UltraCam OSPREY: best-in-class flight collection efficienty, the UltraCam Osprey is designed so that the full swath width of the nadir cone (11,674 pixel) can be used and wing image overlap is high enough to generate oblique orthos as well as textured DSMSs. The UltraCam Osprey is the ideal sensor system for projects such as urban mapping and 3D city modeling.


  • UltraCam Eagle: building on the award-winning design innovation of UltraCam, the new Eagle is the ultimate high resolution, large format sensor with highest productivity and reliability in aerial optical sensors. 


  • UltraCam Falcon: new integrated electronics, INS, storage, in a single sensor head; high-resolution, supreme accuracy, optimum productivity, low-high altitude aerial photogrammetric sensor, 70mm or 100m focal length.


  • UCLp: high-resolution / accuracy / radiometry and price performance redefining the medium format camera (@90MP) 

In flight UltraCam provides real-time sensor monitoring, feedback on exposure, image quality and navigation. UltraCam provides a level of quality assurance such that the flight controller can assure a successful collection first time, every time.

UltraCam has a complete range of accessories to assemble a commercial off the shelf aerial imaging solution from a single supplier: UltraCam accessories include: integrated inertial navigation system and post-processing of IMU/GPS data, flight.


Latest Release! UltraMap 3.0

UltraCam efficiency in the air is matched by unrivaled productivity and ease of use in office processing. UltraMap is designed for the production shop intent on producing accurate, intelligent imagery in the shortest time. The UltraMap suite produces pan-sharpened colour-balanced imagery across a whole block with the minimum of fuss. Proprietary software developed by Microsoft for Bing Maps is leveraged in UltraMap for tie point processing and radiometric correction. UltraMap is multi-threaded utilizing the cores available within the CPUs on a network. UltraMap Aero-Triangulation (AT) offers project management, task monitoring, distributed processing, intuitive and productive graphical interface while maximizing the opportunity to automate the AT processes. At its conclusion, UM-AT provides a detailed set of text and graphical quality assurance reports providing a complete assessment of the block adjustment.

UltraMap extends beyond AT to ortho-mosiac production including colour balancing and seam line feathering. UltraMap GXL Aerial uses hardware leveraged software for maximum performance in ortho-rectification. GXL Aerial utilizes the surprising power of Graphic Processor Units (GPU) on typical NVIDIATM graphic cards to distribute and phenomenally accelerate processing times. The combination of UltraMap AT and GXL maximize automation possibilities, simplify the process and accelerate the production from aircraft to geometrically precise, radiometrically stunning ortho-imagery.



    Imagemaps Service & Calibration laboratory, Singapore

SERVICE : Support programme

UltraCam is backed by a flexible in-field support programme that lets you choose the level of support and maintenance suitable for your experience and production needs. Cameras can be re-calibrated at our Service & Calibration laboratory in Singapore, or Graz, Austria, or in the field with our support. Spare parts are available at multiple locations around the APAC region for immediate response if necessary and spare cameras are strategically located to ensure no client is ever inconvenienced by the unlikely event of a factory flaw or unforeseeable accident.




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